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Why Odoo ERP?

Odoo is praised as one of the most affordable solutions on the market among the many business resource planning software programmes available. Compared to comparable ERP packages, it costs around 10 to 15 times less. The best price for SME's is thought to be offered by Odoo, which has lower prices. This business management software, which is utilised by millions of companies throughout the world, provides a wide range of apps that make daily operations easier. With all management areas such as manufacturing, finance and accounting, purchase, sales, warehouse, customer relationship management, human resource, point of sale, e-commerce and website, project management, and document management brought together under one roof by Odoo ERP, an organization's efficiency and productivity are increased.

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Why Odoo Implementation?

Integrated Solution

Odoo ERP integrates several processes, including CRM, production, project management, accounting, capacity & inventory management, and many more. This enables businesses to carry out all essential tasks.

Data Centralization and analytics

The storage of all essential data, including sales, leads, manufacturing, inventory, financials, and accounting, is done in a single system, preventing data duplication and inconsistency.

Process Automation

With the use of Odoo ERP, businesses can automate the routine processes and procedures that make it easier to manage their human resources effectively. This reduces manual labour and the associated errors as a result.

Why choose StartX for Odoo Implementation?

Implementing Odoo might be more difficult and disastrous if not done by professionals. However, StartX, a top-tier Odoo partner, can help you easily build user-friendly Odoo platforms based on your company's needs. Our clear-cut methodology has been well-practiced and mastered, and we have knowledge in Odoo deployment. One of the top implementation firms for Odoo, StartX has been the company's expert partner for more than 15 years and is still going strong in the Odoo community. In addition, we manage platform development and implementation in accordance with your requirements and by adhering to best practises and standardised procedures without impairing the functionality of the Odoo platform

  • Analyze your needs
  • Develop your platform
  • Configure it with your business
  • Train you to operate
  • Constant support and maintenance

At StartX, the Odoo implementation process begins with a preliminary conversation to determine your company's needs. The optimum method for deploying Odoo for your company is then determined after a thorough investigation. We move forward with the final deployment and data migration once we have determined the best solution. To ensure that your team is able to utilise all of Odoo's features, we also offer thorough training and handover. To make sure that your business operations continue to work well after deployment, we provide continuous support and maintenance.

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Our Odoo Implementation Service

Effective implementation of ERP is the secret to a successful business.Only the implementation partner you select for your work can guarantee a successful ERP deployment. StartX is an authority in Odoo and has more than 15 years of expertise in the deployment, integration, support, and maintenance of Odoo as well as in the customization and migration of the software. StartX has extensive knowledge and expertise in creating successful Odoo modules as an Odoo Gold Partner. Today, we take pride in writing high-quality code, dominating the Odoo Apps market with the most downloads, and achieving a 100% client satisfaction rate. In-house, highly qualified engineers and designers at StartX also have a deep understanding of many programming languages. We offer a complete and comprehensive Odoo implementation support to our client base.

StartX has offered a variety of Odoo implementation services covering all the key industries including trading, manufacturing, e-commerce, accounts and finance, etc. For the benefit of our esteemed clientele in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Asia, we have carried out a great deal of productive projects. This has given us the knowledge and abilities to complete any assignment, no matter how big or small, with ease.

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